100% IDF Training

With REKM’s Krav Maga Seminars you are getting the full experience of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Krav Maga Seminars

Roy Elghanayan's Krav Maga offers a variety of Krav Maga seminars for in and out door self-defense. We believe in quality training and customer service. Each seminar offered below is designed to elevate the level of each student, in addition to having a fun and safe experience. REKM’s main goal is to elevate the quality of Krav Maga around the world by offering professional Krav Maga seminars to all.

Hand to Hand Seminar

REKM’s Hand to Hand Seminar focuses on all common attacks without a weapon. For example: 360 chokes, grabs, bear-hugs, ground attacks, etc.

Gun Defense Seminar

REKM’s Gun Defense Seminar teaches how to handle common gun threats from all angles. Learn how to disarm a gun in a truly safe manner.

Home Invasion Prevention

How to keep your home a safe and secure environment. This training seminar will help you understand the advantages you have over the intruder.

Car Jacking Defense

All Car Jacking happen within a 60 second range. This REKM seminar will give you the right tools and knowledge to help prevent being kidnaped.

Bus Close Quarter Combat

For those that use the public transportation, learn proper fighting and self-defense strategy if it’s on a bus or even the public train.

Gun Offense Training

Common in Military and Law Enforcement training, how to use your hand gun when you need to stay under cover or when you are out of ammo.

Women Self Defense Seminar

An empowering workshop for women to learn how to fight back. Learn about the attacker’s weaknesses and your advantages. This seminar can be life changing.

Knife Offense Training

Learn to use a knife in a professional and lethal way. The last thing you want is to look as if you are the attacker, and this seminar will teach you that.

Ground Defense Training

The worst place to be in a fight is on the ground. But when and if you are, you must know how to handle yourself safely as you fight back.

Kids & Teen Anti Bullying

Kids & teenagers need to know how to protect themselves from bullies. When a confrontation escalates they need to have proper self-defense training.

Instructor Training

This advance workshop is only for instructors who have a certificate of Krav Maga from any Krav Maga organization. We are happy to train anyone.

Stick Combative

This Krav Maga Seminar focuses on long and short stick attacks from all directions.

Rifle Defense/Offense

REKM’s rifle defense & offense workshop is a specific training Law Enforcement go throw.


Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga

Going with REKM you are giving access to real Krav Maga. You will be trained by Roy Elghanayan. He trained the Israeli Special Forces, and NOW he can train you.