REKM Level 1 Instructor Course

Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga Level 1 Instructor course is essential to a great Krav Maga foundation. Level 1 focuses on the basic movements, strikes and safety awareness of Krav Maga. Participants will learn proper fighting stance, lower and upper body strikes and how to build a strong offense while also implementing vital fighting techniques. This course will enhance instructor development by teaching participants how to control a class environment in a safe and professional manner. REKM’s Level 1 Instructor Course will improve your instructor skill set dramatically resulting in achieving maximum quality from your students. Furthermore, REKM Level 1 participants will be educated on how to compose fitness/exercise training and workouts that will help support the level 1 Krav Maga movements. Upon completion of this course, new instructors will be competent in the basic skills and movements of Krav Maga. They will truly understand the substance of Krav Maga and have a firm handle on class management. REKM Level 1 will prepare you for professional success!

Upcoming REKM Level 1 Instructor Courses

REKM will take your training and knowledge to a different level.

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REKM Level 1

Main topics covered in our Krav Maga Beginners course.


Krav Maga Fighting Stances

Fighting Stance #1, #2 & #3

Weak Spots

Front, Side & Back

Upper Body Strikes

Punches, Elbows & Hammers

Lower Body Strikes

Kicks & Knee Strikes

Krav Maga Fighting Combos

Upper/Lower Combos & Level 1 Combo

Wrist Releases

One/Two Hands, Front and Back


Mentor Development

Building an Icon Persona

Safety Awareness

Monitor & Protect Your Students

Fitness Training

Strength & Conditioning Drills

Discipline Training

Creating Strong Krav Maga Warriors

Structure Development

Implementing Layers of Structure

Instructor Development

Self Improvment & Continuing Education

Course & Certification Details

Course Details

  • 3 days of REKM training.
  • 24 hours of instruction from Roy Elghanayan. 
  • Learn Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga Level 1 syllabus. 
  • Learn how to Instruct REKM’s Level 1 syllabus. 
  • Spots are limited per instructor course. 

Certification Details

  • Officially authorized to instruct REKM’s Level 1 syllabus
  • Authorized to test students from L1 to L2.
  • Provide an official REKM Level 1 certificate to your students.
  • Certificates are exclusively provided by REKM. 
  • International REKM Level 1 Instructor Certificate 
  • REKM L1 Instructor T-Shirt

       Price: $2,850 $1,350*

*Discounted rate only applies to the first 15 signed up students.

The Process

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Personal Interview

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Pass or Fall

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Submit your deposit and receive the REKM Level 1 Syllabus Video.

Study REKM's Level 1 Syllabus

Practice, train and memorize REKM L1 Instructor Content.

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